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Dry-dock Project Management

Dry-dock Project

Dry-docking is the biggest maintenance cost for any Ship Owner or Investors. If not efficiently managed it can affect vessel operation in-service and increase risk of failure, breakdowns, loss of hire and as well as it can adversely affect OPEX. SINOTECH Marine manages your Docking repairs & projects through all its stages from preparation of docking specifications, monitor and control project scope, quality, cost and time to finally negotiate bills with shipyard and contractors.

Dry-docking project, be it intermediate or special survey needs to be properly managed by Independent Technical experts to safeguard the interests of the Ship Owners, Bareboat charterers and Investors.  We offer value for money vessel dry-docking project management service to our customers. We have extensive experience in managing dry-docking projects in Asia Pacific particularly in Chinese Shipyards where project handling is comparatively more complex.

Ship-Owner’s Risks in Dry-docking Projects:

  • Dry-docking budget could be used to offset the vessel OPEX by 3rd Party Technical Managers to hide their underperformance.
  • Inflated scope, particularly for the treatment of underwater Hull and Cargo holds (actual scope is negotiated after ship arrives in the dockyard) results in increased project cost. This aspect is very critical during 1st Special docking. If project is not supervised effectively by independent experts, Ship Owner is at risk of losing substantial money in the docking.
  • Poor monitoring of work progress further increases the risk of failures and breakdowns during the service and increased vessel OPEX.
  • Unaccounted spare parts inventory at the end of dry-docking increases project cost.

What we do:

Our expert Technical team offers:

  • Pre-docking inspection of the Vessel and preparation of repair specifications after reviewing of ship’s PMS records, ship’s defect list, and basis results of onboard vessel condition assessment.
  • Benchmarking Shipyard quotations, prioritize tasks and recommendation on shipyard selection
  • Project Management- monitor and control Project Scope, Quality, Time, and Cost.
  • Monitor project actual cost against project budget and determine variance.
  • Review project scope variance and estimated additional efforts by the shipyard.
  • Keep track on consumption of spares and stores and services. We keep account for spare part inventories.
  • Prepare daily project progress report and variances with rationales.
  • Support and guide ship staff and Ship Manager to lead successful completion of the projects.

We have brought significant saving to ship owners and banks in their dry-docking projects while completing project within the planned budget and on time without compromising with the quality and safety of the vessel.

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