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Driving Innovation In Shipping

Environmental Compliance

CO2 Emission Intelligence

We are reducing Shipping Emissions through optimization of ship operations, environmental audits, and advanced emission intelligence.

Energy efficiency and increasing shipping emissions are growing concerns in the Industry. Shipping is the fourth largest source of the CO2 emission in the world. It accounts for the 20% of the world CO2 emissions. We provide following services to our clients to efficiently monitor and control the CO2 emission and measure the Energy Efficiency through use of our sophisticated IT tools and systems.

We offer

  • Efficient Collection and Analysis of the Data
  • Build meaningful emission intelligence from your vessels performance data
  • Check and organize data before submission to verifier
  • Prepare and present Emission data for ESI and other environmental auditors.
  • Develop CO2 MRV plans and take approval from the verifier.

Environmental Retrofitting

Think Innovation- Think Planet

Prepare with us for the Complex Environmental Retrofit projects

  • Ballast Water Treatment System
  • Exhaust Scrubber System

According to a IMO study, Shipping emissions can be reduced by 70% by using existing technologies.  However, Environmental Retrofitting projects are complex and expensive and need an expert consulting service for managing project within cost, time and quality.

We do:

  • Project Feasibility Study
  • Selection of the Suitable Product
  • Develop Implementation Plan
  • Monitoring and Control the Project
  • Get USCG extension for installation of Ballast water treatment system

Environmental Audits

We offer environmental audits for Enhanced Compliance Program (ECP) for MARPOL to conform vessel conforms the standards of the US Environment Protection Agency as set for protection of the Marine Pollution from Ships.

We also perform environmental audits for conforming the Environmental Shipping Index.

Our auditors have extensive experience on performing ECP Marpol, TPA and CAM audits.

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