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Inspection, Surveys, and Investigations

Vessel Condition Assessment

maritime surveyor
maritime surveyor

We monitor condition of your vessels. Our due diligence helps you to ensure your vessels conform to International Standards of Vessel Operation, Maintenance, and Management.

We inspect vessels on behalf of Ship Owners, Banks, Financial Institution, P&I Clubs, etc. for assessment of the condition of vessel’s various areas including Hull, Deck, Machineries, Equipment, Fire and Safety arrangements, emergency preparedness and ISM implementation to determine whether vessel conforms to acceptable standards of Vessel operation, maintenance, and management.

Our Technical Experts with extensive background in Vessel Technical Management can foresee various operational risks, technical issues, hazards and make appropriate recommendations for the corrective actions as well as forecast requirement of capital and operational expenditures for the upgradation of the vessel condition.

Vessel Condition Surveys are complex and required surveyors with background of Technical Management in addition to shipboard experience as Chief Engineer. Our Surveyors are having experience as Fleet Managers and Technical Superintendent with leading global ship management companies bring thorough understanding of International Standards of Technical Management and are best fit for thorough Condition Surveys.

Pre-Purchase Vessel Inspection

We offer a high standard Vessel Pre-Purchase Inspection and Condition Assessment to secure Investment of Buyers and Financial Institutions.

Pre-Purchase Inspections are critical in the process of making decision for the ship purchase. Our Technical Experts using their extensive experience and understanding of the specific ship type produce a decisive reporting and appropriate recommendation for the ship buyers on time to help you make right decisions.

We Do:

  • Vessel Condition Assessment and produce expert grading system for Hull, Machineries, Deck and Out fitting, Super Structures, and Equipment
  • Forecast Major Capital Expenses on vessels in next two years
  • Evaluation of Vessel Performance (Speed and Fuel Consumption)
  • Analysis of Operational and Compliance Risks
  • Expert Recommendations

What Sets us apart for Vessel Pre-Purchase Inspections?

  • Expertise in Ship Technical Management
  • Strong Team of Senior Technical superintendents, Marine & Fleet Managers
  • High Standard Technical Reports and Analysis
  • Global Network reducing Cost of service for the ship buyers
  • Strong vetting and Selection of our experts
  • Online Reports and Payments
  • Value for Money

Audits, Surveys, and Investigations

Our Audits, Surveys and Investigations help you to identify and minimize your Operational Risks.

SINOTECH Marine conducts various Marine Audits, Surveys and Investigations

  • ISM audits
  • Environmental Audits – Enhanced Compliance Program (MARPOL) & ESI audits
  • Pre- Charter Surveys
  • On-Hire and Off-hire Condition Surveys
  • Pre-Vetting Surveys
  • Bunker Quantity Surveys
  • Bunker (221B) & Condition Surveys
  • P&I Entry Surveys
vessel survey
  • Damage Survey and Estimations
  • Hull and Machinery Survey
  • Repair Supervision and Survey
  • Accidents & Incidents Investigation
  • Dead-freight Investigation
  • Critical Operations Risk Assessment

Ship Owner Representation

Our due diligence protects interests of Ship Owners, Shipping Investors, Charterers, and Operators.

Ship owning exposes Investors to several financial risks and liabilities. We technical expert safeguard interests of the Ship Owners through our due- diligence and Technical Expertise.  We offer following value for money consulting to our customers

  • Ship Owner’s inspection of Vessel
  • Evaluation of Technical Managers
  • Ship Yard process evaluation
  • Ship Construction Surveys
  • Repair Consulting
  • Insurance and warranty claims
  • Shipyard selection for major repairs
  • Cost Benefit Analysis and Project Feasibility Studies
  • Evaluation of supplier and value chain
maritime surveyor

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