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Driving Innovation In Shipping


Automatic Emission Monitoring System 

iEMS- Cloud Emission Monitoring System

Maritime Transportation – A Growing Emission Source

Global CO2 emissions

  • Maritime transport 4th largest source of CO2 emission and predicted to increase by 50% – 250% by 2050
  • Shipping emissions can be reduced by 75% by just applying right operational measures and effective

IMO & EU States Climate Actions – New Compliance

First Step – Monitor, Evaluate, Report emissions. From 40% to 50% of shipping emissions can be reduced by effective Monitoring and reporting and improving existing operational measures.

IMO Process
Monitoring Starting 01st January 2019
First Monitoring period 2019
Exemptions IBD
Parameters TBD Fuel Consumption, Distance & Time
Verification Flags/recognized organizations
Reports to Flag State

The Industry Challenge

  • Inefficient and insufficient collection of emission data
  • Highly sussceptible to manipulation
  • No continuous monitoring, and analysis of emission data
  • High risk to marine & ports climate
  • Increasing liability
  • High cost of operation

The Solution I-EMS – IoT & Cloud Based Automatic Emission Monitoring

How does i-EMS work?

  • Emission Data collection through sensors
  • Data centrally stored cloud
  • Data accessible to stakeh olders
  • Strong process of verification
  • An integrated solution

For further details about our iEMS solution, please contact us at info@sinotechmarine.com .

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