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Driving Innovation In Shipping

Ship Management System Projects

Project & Change Management

Ship Management system implementation projects are complex and very expensive. It needs support from experts in Marine IT system implementation and Change Management in Ship Management settings, for following reasons.

  • There is no IT system available in the industry which can meet the requirements of Ship Management Operation. Use of multiple systems for the ship management increases the requirements of training for Ship’s crew.
  • End users are not easily accessible and Data is exchanged intermittently.
  • Each ship has specific data set and cannot be replicated on other ships
  • Difficult to manage and drive the change management across the fleet trading globally due to difficulty in accessibility to end users.
  • Fast Changing requirements of the Industry

We offer:

  • Gaps and requirement analysis, and Project Feasibility study
  • Cost benefit analysis and develop project proposal
  • IT Contract Negotiation, development of Project Plan
  • Monitor and control project scope, time, cost and quality.
  • Agile Software Customization and Implement Change Management Strategies to achieve project objectives.

Vessel PMS & Procurement Systems Optimization

Correctly configured Ship’s PMS is key to conform accepted standards of vessel maintenance, reduces OPEX, Off-hires, and HSEQ Risks. We make your PMS more workable, specific to each ship and conducive for ship staff to regularly update, as well as align it with your company SMS, PSC CICs and Industry standards. 

Fleet electronic PMS system is the backbone of any efficient ship management. Unfortunately, accuracy of implementation is ignored by most of the Technical Managers in the Industry and tend to use excel based PMS parallel to electronic system assuming electronic PMS is beyond management. In fact, if a PMS is correctly configured it can save significant time and money for the Ship Managers.

We do:

  • Identify gaps and optimize PMS for your ships
  • Build PMS database for the lead and sister ships, which is most critical part of the successful implementation
  • Distribute jobs over the calendar period to make PMS practically workable.
  • Project Feasibility and System Implementation
  • Managing Customization of the electronic system
  • Change Management and Business Transformation

Our PMS Building Approach that helps our clients to achieve Ship Specific PMS

Inventory Management

A Ship Inventory is Ship Owner’s Asset, we manage it to reduce dead stock and increase Just in Time and Strategic Supplies to your ships

Ship Inventory management is critical to Ship Management as properly managed inventory can save significant amount of cost for the ship Owners and managers.

A Ship’s inventory of spares is one of its major assets and represents an investment that is tied up until it is used or exceeds its shelf life. Mismanagement of inventory can create inventory shortage at the time of need and can create significant financial problems.

Inventory management Service assist in organizing, managing and updating in the computer based inventory management system.

What we do:

  • Implementation of defined storage & locations and its labelling
  • Physical stock counting of existing spares and identify dead stock onboard.
  • Arranging the spares in the warehouse & boxes so that spares are readily available
  • Printing labels/bar codes and tagging on the spares
  • Updating inventories in the ships Inventory management system
  • Assist vessel in establishing spares forecasting
  • Training of seafarers for efficient use of inventory system.

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