Dry-Bulk Vessels

The condition assessment of Dry Bulk Carrier involves a thorough visual inspection of the following crucial areas of the vessel.

1) Hull External   2) Main Deck & Fittings  3) Cargo Storage and Handling  4) Propulsion and Power Plants  5) Forthcoming Compliances  6) Ballast Tanks & Void spaces 7) Navigation and Safety Equipment 8) Performance and Survey Records.

Sinotech Marine checklist, specially designed for Dry-bulk carriers, offers over 400 identifiers providing full insight into the condition of the vessel.  A pre-purchase inspection is considered one of the most complex inspections in the Maritime Industry. In most cases, the surveyor does not receive the minimum needed cooperation from the crew. These inspections are usually carried out during port-stays when the ship crew is busy with cargo operation. Surveyor largely depends upon the ship records when it comes to assessing the operational condition of the propulsion plant.

Sinotech Marine Inspectors are continuously trained on how to assess the condition of machinery in the idle state. Usually, there is no enough time to access all the ballast and void spaces during the Inspection. Our unique condition assessment procedure enables the surveyor to make the right judgement on the condition of idle machinery and non-accessible areas from the ship records and interview of the crew.

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