SINOTECH- Surveyor Surfaces a Major Defect during Pre-Purchase Inspection that sends Ship to Dry-Dock Jan 17th, 2018

Ship Chartering

Usually, before entering into MoU with Ship seller, Ship buyer conducts a superficial pre-purchase vessel condition inspection to assess the condition and bid the price for the second hand sell. In typical S&P transaction, there is a understanding between buyer and seller about the general pricing of the ship which is adjusted depending upon the pre-purchase condition assessment by a Marine Surveyor.

In a normal pre-purchase inspection, Sinotech Marine’s surveyor found during the integration with local agent and ship crew that there was a moderate collision with another vessel a month ago. SINOTECH Technical Team immediately informed buyers and requested seller for a thorough inspection of the DB tanks. Later, it was found that two of DB tanks in the ship were badly damaged after collision and significant amount of steer renewal was needed. This defer the signing of MoU between seller and buyer until and unless the two DB tanks repair was completed and verified by the vessel Class. Inspecting a huge structure like a ship, while she usually undertakes cargo operations (loading / discharging) under tight time constraints, sometimes without natural light and often in dangerous or heavily contained spaces, it’s an art and a skill that often goes under-appreciated; not to mention the stakes that are tied to an inspector’s report.



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