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Free Quotation "We have used Sinotech Marine's services in over 12 different countries and were consistently pleased with their service quality. They are providing a prompt and reliable vessel condition assessment globally."
-Mr. Vasilis Molaris, President & Owner, Empire Navigation Inc., Greece
SINOTECH MARINE Testimonial Free Quotation "Sinotech Marine has been our right-hand on pre-purchase, pre-vetting and vessel's entry into Management assignments. All attendances have been timely accomplished, promptly reported and invoiced as agreed with no hidden costs or surprises." -
- Mr. V. Kaloudis / DPA-CSO, Bulkseas Marine Management S.A.
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About Us

Sinotech Marine is an independent global marine & engineer consultancy headquartered in Asia’s financial hub Hong Kong. Sinotech Marine provides premium inspections & monitoring services for all maritime assets at the most affordable prices with the best analysis while supporting clients worldwide 24X7. Sinotech Marine differentiates itself by delivering unparallel technical expertise & innovative solutions for the maritime industry with their 300+ Maritime Experts who have proven backgrounds of Chief Engineers, Master Mariners, and Naval Architects,

As ISO 9001:2015 certified, we believe in continuous optimization in our system and processes through regular feedback from our clients and industry partners.

Our Services

Sinotech Marine offers various independent global Marine and Engineering services in asia and rest of the world for shipping and offshore industries.

Sinotech Marine Ship inspector global Marine and Engineering Consultant doing Vessel Condition Assessment

Vessel Condition Assessment

Technical Due-diligence for Vessel Pre-purchase, Pre-Charter & Asset Monitoring

Vessel Pre-purchase

Engineering Projects

Project Analysis, Planning, Monitoring & Control For Repair, Dry-docking & Retrofitting Projects

Vessel Condition Survey

Vessel & Cargo Assurance

P&I Condition Survey, Hull & Machinery Survey & Investigations

Vessel Inspection

Vessel Compliance

Pre-Vetting, Verification & Audits, Environmental & Navigation Audits Incident Investigation & Risk Assessment

Why Choose Us?

We create amazing digital experience and help our customers reach their goals 3x faster than our competitors.

One Partner,
Worldwide Services

We delivered services in 56 countries in 2018. Serving a Global customers base.

300+ Expert Ship
Inspectors in 75+ Countries

Highly Experienced Senior Technical Managers with background of Masters, and Chief Engineers

Fast Turnaround
with 24 X 7 Support

Global network save your time and effort.

Reliable & Accurate Reports

Expert Technical Analysis and Risk Assessment.

Office Based Experts

Our team enables our inspectors to deliver you high quality reports.

Competitive Pricing

We save your time and effort, bring value for money outcome at viable cost.




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