Indigenous Ship Inspection Services in Vietnam by Marine Specialists

Vietnam is famous for trading in electronic goods and finished goods. There has been a dramatic increase in the shipping of accessories and home furniture from Vietnam to varying parts of the world. In addition to China, Japan, and Korea, Vietnam is also emerging as a booming economy of recent times.

Shipping Problems in Vietnam

While the economy is booming, and the export-import has significantly increased the maritime traffic, the challenges in Vietnam cannot be overlooked. With poor infrastructure and skyrocketing prices of freight, availing shipping services in Vietnam becomes difficult. There is a need for better transportation and improved connectivity between the ports, absence of which is posing a problem in the maritime industry.

To overcome these challenges, a reliable and resourceful partner is needed and Sinotech Marine is that trusted partner for your fleet. We extend a network of handpicked professionals around the world – in 75 different locations including Vietnam. For ship inspection services in Vietnam, we are your trusted partner.

Ports Covered by Sinotech Marines in Vietnam

Listed below are all the ports where Sinotech Marine offers services in Vietnam:

  • Cai Lan
  • Cam Pha
  • Haip hong
  • Hon la
  • Phu My
  • Son Duong
  • Hanoi
  • Ho Chi Minh
  • Vinh Tan
Our Locations

Cai Lan

Cam Pha

Haip hong

Hon la

Phu My

Son Duong


Ho Chi Minh

Vinh Tan

Services We Deliver in Vietnam

Sinotech Marine provides its clientele with effective, comprehensive, and reliable services in an affordable price range to present its clients with maximum benefits. Take a look at the technical and ship inspection services in Vietnam that Sinotech Marine offers:

Asset Condition Assessment

  • Sale and Purchase Assessment
  • Owned Vessel Assessment

Routine Ship Inspections and Auditing Services

  • PSC Preparedness
  • Superintendent Inspections
  • Auditing

Vessel Assurance Services

  • P&I Condition Services
  • Inspection on Behalf of Hull & Machinery Insurance Claims
  • Damage Assessment
  • Accident/Incident Investigation

Engineering Projects

  • Dry-dock Project Management in all Shipyards
  • Repair Supervision
  • Construction Services
  • Retrofitting Engineering Project Management
  • Compliance Inspection

Commercial Inspections

  • Pre-Charter Condition Assessment
  • On-hire and Off-Hire Survey Assessment
  • Quantity & Quality Surveys
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Cargo Quantity & Quality Services
  • Bunker/Fuel Quantity & Quality Services

All the services mentioned above are proffered by our very own team of experts, technicians, surveyors, and assessors.

Associate with Sinotech Marine for Comprehensive Services

Sinotech Marine is a leader in ship technical and non-technical service delivery. We have a standardized approach towards service delivery giving the utmost benefit to our clients. Partner with us because we offer:

  • Extensive Expertise of Delivery Ship Technical Services
  • Strong local knowledge for comprehensive services
  • Competitive prices for affordable service delivery
  • Handpicked and diligent experts for appropriate services across the country
  • Strategically located resources across Vietnam for complete coverage in every region
  • Fast turnaround services with absolutely no delays
  • We employ Chief Engineers, Naval Architects, Marine Superintendents, Technicians, and Inspectors of highest grade

Contact the best Ship Inspection Services in Vietnam, and assure your ship is seaworthy.



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