P & I Condition Survey

Sinotech Marine partners with P & I Condition Survey Clubs to offer marine insurance to shop owners, operators, charterers and seafarers. In the industry, there are three essential elements- the ship, seafarers and the cargo. In case of an accident leading to the loss of any of the three essential elements, Protection and Indemnity is important to cover the losses. We carefully examine the vessels for the seaworthiness, water tightness, condition of pipes, and fittings, condition of equipment and machineries, and competencies of the ship to cover the liability claims. Also, we keep in mind that compliances like ISM procedures, SOLAS and MARPOL are met to swiftly claim the insurance amount.

  • P&I Condition Survey
  • Cargo Survey
  • Cargo Hatch Cover Survey and UV Testing
  • Accident and Incident Investigation