Dry Docking Management During Pandemic is like Navigating a Maze! Jul 30th, 2021

Dry Docking Management During Pandemic is like Navigating a Maze!

The Covid-19 outbreak brought unprecedented situations. Not one but every industry is equally and badly affected by the pandemic. The shipping industry is no different as there have been several difficulties that have rowed towards it. Onboard precautions, regulatory compliances, crew changes, among so many other things have experienced drastic changes due to the virus outbreak.

Shipping companies and authorities have teamed up to keep the global business running. Navigating these operations in the time of pandemic has become extremely challenging but at Sinotech Marine, we turn every obstacle into an opportunity. With our experienced team, we bring innovative solutions for every problem thrown at us. Let us begin with how we tackle the problems at hand and provide effective solutions for the same.

Overcoming Travel Restrictions

One of the major problems posed by the pandemic was the travel restrictions. The whole world succumbed to the pandemic, and travel restrictions were imposed across the world. With travel restrictions, it had become impossible to travel to another country for ship inspection or dry-docking management. However, at Sinotech Marine, we have teams in more than 75 major countries, across the globe that makes it easier for our engineers to dry-dock without worrying about the travel restrictions for Covid-19. We have a vast network of marine engineers and vessel experts who can assist in ship dry-docking without having to travel to fly to the client location.

Cost-Effectiveness with On-Shore & Off-Shore Teams

With a diligent team present everywhere across the globe, it also helps save the cost. Sinotech Marine offers cost-effective dry-docking management services. The only cost involved will be dry-docking. Unplanned costs are reduced with our services. With our on-shore teams, we offer improved docking management and supervision.
Sinotech Marine has effective teams of engineers, fleet inspectors, naval architects, with which we ensure that there is no delay in projects. We have a dedicated and professional team of experts around the world to plan, prepare, and execute the necessary steps to make dry docking efficient even during the pandemic.

High-Quality Results with Daily Coordination

Ensuring high-quality results has always been our focus and even in the time of a pandemic, we do not compromise to offer the best services to our clients. The Covid-19 Pandemic has caused varying problems, but that doesn’t make us flinch. Delays in dry-docking are a common problem that has occurred due to the pandemic restrictions, but with our proficient project management, there are absolutely no project delays. There is internal and external team coordination every single day. We understand that docking delays can cause a negative impact and can result in unplanned costs. But with Sinotech Marine, our clients get cost-efficiency.

Maintaining Transparent Relationship

With a daily coordination schedule, we maintain the transparency of on-shore and off-shore procedures. All the work operations are discussed every day, making the whole process much more transparent. With the use of high-tech resources, Sinotech Marine offers absolute coordination between all our teams and clients. From the moment the ship enters the dock till the moment, it is out, we maintain thorough transparency.

Numerous obstacles come in the way of dry docking during the pandemic, but with our experts, we turn every obstacle into a new possibility. Sinotech Marine is a leading marine engineering firm because it extends high-quality services to all its clients.

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